Atlas Vertical Platform Lift

When safety, peace and quiet, and gentle motion is required, an Atlas Vertical Platform Lift (VPL) ensures this is what you receive. Carefully chosen as Ascension’s only vertical lift platform for both internal and exterior use, the Atlas VPL is the premier choice to access your space with ease!

The ultimate choice for complete mobility freedom

home commercial wheelchair lift Atlas Vertical platform lift With a laser focus on providing the best option for your needs, Ascension Elevators carries this premium lift designed specifically for wheelchair accessibility – whether in your home or commercial building. Offering a smooth and dependable ride every time, experience more with your Atlas VPL, including:

  • Seamless operations for seamless access to your home or building,
  • Effortless boarding and exiting with automatic self-lowering and remote control,
  • Customizable configurations to fit the layout of your home
  • Operation you can count on thanks to an innovative design,
  • Simple security with integrated safety locks and non-slip flooring, and
  • Weather resistance materials to withstand the test of time.

Want to simple access to your home again but don’t know where to start? Connect with us to help you find your perfect elevator fit.



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