4 Reasons for Choosing Machine-Room-Less Elevators for Your Home

Machine-Room-Less (MRL) elevators are traction-based elevators that work without the machine room being installed atop the hoist-way. The machine can be installed at the bottom or on the top side wall and can feature the traditional induction motors or gearless synchronous motors. There are many benefits of installing this type of elevator in your home. Key Benefits MRL elevators require lesser space and power. In fact, they can save up to 40% of electric power for operation. Because these lifts also don’t use any oil, there is no worry about leakage. They create lesser amount of heat and increase your building’s energy savings. There are many advantages of choosing this type of elevator for your home. 1. Save Space This is the most obvious benefits of installing machine-room-less elevators in your home. The absence of conventional traction machine room means simpler construction. This eliminates the need for rooftop access. You will also not require a big protrusion over the roof. All this means a simpler process of installation, lesser building works, and more saved space. 2. No Need for Hydraulic Oil The use of oil in elevators has been an environmental concern for a long time. Such elevators have also been at risk of oil leakage and causing spills. Installing MRL elevators can help address such concerns. Even when new kind of hydraulic oil is made using biomass, which is safer for the environment, there spills and leakages are still a concern for homeowners and business owners. MRL elevators don’t use oil and thus prevent all such potential problems. 3. Save More Energy As already mentioned, installation of MRL elevators can help in significantly reducing energy consumption. In fact, the energy savings can be as high as 50% compared to the traditional hydraulic elevators. This means that the running costs can be halved if you replace your old lifts with new MRL ones. 4. Safe & Reliable Machine-room-less elevators are not only safe and reliable, they also offer smooth operation. They are as comfortable and safe as the traditional overhead traction elevators, if not more. When these lifts were first introduced, there were concerns about them meeting the conventional elevators in terms of durability and safety. But they are increasingly gaining more popularity due to all the benefits they offer. MRL Elevators Background Machine-room-less elevators were first introduced in the 90s. Since the building codes in North America took time to adapt to the new design and technology, it was launched in Canada and the US after its European debut. These elevators are increasingly replacing their conventional geared traction counterparts. They are also taking the place of higher-rise hydraulic lifts. Today, gearless MRL elevators have emerged as the fastest-growing models in North America. One of the main reasons is that more people are interested in adopting greener technology. They have gained so much popularity in the last couple of decades that almost a third of the market is occupied by MRLs. So if you are interested in replacing your old elevator or installing a new one in your home, you should consider choosing machine-room-less elevators for all the positive reasons. They save space, save more energy, and also save the environment.