5 Common Questions People Ask About Home Elevators

To a lot of people, a home elevator looks like an impressive addition to their homes. They want to get the multiple floors within their homes connected with a home elevator. But most of them have a lot of questions and doubts about home elevator in their minds, before they get the installation process started. If you are also willing to have a home elevator installed in your place, here are five common questions you may also be willing to ask to a professional:

1. What will Be Rightmost Place Inside a Home for Elevator Installation?

Depending on the preference of the home owners and the purpose of installation, the rightmost place inside the home for elevator is chosen. In some cases, it is just a focal centerpiece, while it is of frequent use in others. To decide the place of installation, it is important to consider the available space inside the home for retrofitting. Similarly, if a home under construction has elevator installation included in it, the space for it has to be chosen accordingly. In general, it is best to contact a local home elevator installer who can walk you through the available options of home elevators. He will also help you know which type of elevator will work best for your home.

2. Is It Safe to Install Elevators at Home?

An elevator is not just a small cuboid functioning to provide vertical mobility in your home, but a big machine. This is why some people doubt if it is good and safe to install it inside their homes. But they should know that when properly maintained and used over time, home elevators are totally safe. The safety factor also depends on the selection of the right type of home elevators as per the floor plan. So, if you want to ensure that the home elevator function perfectly within your home at all times, hire the most suitable type of elevator for your home and get it regularly maintained.

3. Can Custom Home Elevator Be Designed for Use?

In some cases, either the available types of elevators are not suitable for a home, or the home owner needs to get it designed in a unique way. Other than the available pre-designed types of home elevators, a custom designed elevator can also be designed to meet your specific needs, be it in terms of its size, specifications or aesthetic design. If you want the elevator to accentuate the home interiors or décor, this can also be made possible. By connecting with a renowned elevator company, you will get to know about the available customization options in terms of its materials, finish, gates etc.

4. What Makes Up the Cost of a Home Elevator?

In general, getting a home elevator installed is an expensive affair. Still to people who can afford it, total cost of home elevator installation depends upon a number of factors. These are as follows: -          Drive system selected for the elevator, which is one of its main components -          The total distance the elevator has to cover, starting from the lowest to the uppermost floor -          The number of floors in the home to be covered with the use of elevator -          Customization made as per home-owner’s preference -          Installation cost Thus, it is important to think about your budget for home elevator installation beforehand.

5. Does Touch-points of a Home Elevator Need to be Changed Frequently?

There are two standard digital touch-points installed in a home elevator which a user will interact with – one is hall call which is used to call the elevator to his location inside a home, and second is Car Operating Panel inside the elevator car to select which destination floor to be chosen. Some people doubt that because of their constant use over time, these touch points may get broken or fail to work properly. But these digital touch points are made using advance technology to last longer. Still, they need regular inspection and repair for long term use.


As per the answers to the commonly asked questions given above, you can get the doubts in your mind about home elevators cleared. By knowing well about the facts related to a home elevator, you can ensure you are getting the best elevator installed in your home.