5 Reasons for Installing Dumbwaiters in Your Home

You can use residential dumbwaiters to transport food, laundry or heavy items like groceries and firewood between floors. It will eliminate the need to carry all the heavy stuff yourself. These fixtures have added more convenience and efficiency in hotels and restaurants for a long time. They can also bring the same benefits to your home if you have many floors. There are many benefits of installing dumbwaiters in your home.

1. Convenience

Residential dumbwaiters provide optimal convenience and help you avoid strain on the back. It can be used to carry different types of heavy items between different floors. You can find dumbwaiters that can carry up to 200 lbs of weight. Carrying heavy items up and down the stairs can increase the risk of injury and strain to your back and knee joints. Thus, a dumbwaiter adds lots of convenience to your daily chores.

2. Carry Groceries

Every time you bring groceries, you should you could have a way to carry them up the stairs without putting all the strain on your body. Installing a dumbwaiter is an excellent choice for carrying your groceries up multiple flights of stairs. It will help you save time and the hassles of carrying all the heavyweight. There will be no need to move up and down the stairs several times. Just place the items in the dumbwaiter and send them up directly to the kitchen floor.

3. Easily Transport Laundry

Another benefit of installing a dumbwaiter is that it allows you to easily transport laundry between different floors. If you have a multi-floor home and the laundry is located in the basement, having a dumbwaiter can be a valuable addition to your home. There will be no need to carry the laundry up and down the stairs. Even after the laundry is cleaned, you can easily move it to the desired floors.

4. Install in any Home

A residential dumbwaiter can be installed in both existing homes and new constructions. The design can be customized based on your house’s structure and can be easily installed. The design can be made to match your home’s looks as if it was added from the beginning as part of the original design. Modern dumbwaiters are no longer crude designs. They can be customized to match your home’s style and don’t look out of place. You can match it exactly to your kitchen cabinetry. Besides, the opening on the other floors can also be customized to match the décor of the floor.

5. Choose from Multiple Features & Designs

Besides the option to match the décor on each floor or room, dumbwaiters are also available with a wide range of features and styles. Cab Gates: If you choose a cab gate, the different options can include bi-parting doors, slide-ups, and collapsible doors. Hoist-way Doors: These doors are available in bi-parting, slide-up and swing designs. Height: Dumbwaiters are also available in different weight and height configurations. Make the right choice depending on your home’s design and your requirements.? Counter/Floor-Loading: Floor-loading models are perfect for loading heavy items. Thus, there are many reasons why dumbwaiters make a lot of sense in most homes with multiple floors. They save you time and inconvenience and also prevent you from doing the heavy lifting.