6 Benefits of Installing a Home Elevator

Residential elevators were almost always considered a luxury. The perception has significantly changed in recent times. This has been made possible by the reduction in the cost of the equipment. Today, people want to install it for a wide range of reasons. There are many benefits of having an elevator in your home. Here are 5 reasons for you to have a lift in your home too.

1. Functional Benefits

Having an elevator in your home can make it easier for the elderly or a disabled family member to move between different floors. You can also easily carry large and heavy items. It can mean more independence for your loved ones. Besides, daily tasks can become much simpler and faster. Carrying items up and down the stairs every now and then can be tiring. It can also increase the safety of your loved ones while allowing them increased mobility.

2. Increased Safety

The stairs are responsible for many of the accidents that take place in homes. From children to adults anyone could trip and fall when using a stair. An elevator can eliminate this risk, entirely. A home elevator means safety for everyone in your home. The elderly and children find it to be a challenge every time they need to use the stairs. When you invest in a lift, you are reducing or eliminating any chances of accidents related to stairs. Having an elevator also helps you control the up and down movement in your home.

3. Saves Valuable Space

A ramp is a traditional alternative to an elevator. However, it can consume a lot of space. A residential lift requires much lesser space. They can also save lots of space compared to stairwells. An elevator requires a shaft that requires a much smaller horizontal area. Besides, if you don’t have space inside your home, you can also consider installing one outside the wall. The design and layout can vary based on various factors. The method of generating the lift can also be different and have an effect on the required space. The different mechanisms include hydraulic, pneumatic, and cable lifts. Thus, you are able to choose a type, design, and layout that perfectly meet your requirements while saving space.

4. Increased Property Value

Modern elevators can help increase your home’s value in the long-term. Most potential homebuyers are impressed by elevators. They realize the convenience, safety, and the feeling of luxury that comes with it. When someone looks for a home for the long-term, accessibility and mobility become important factors for them as they age. Potential buyers realize that even if the elevators may not be important to them in the short-term, they can prove to be of huge importance after a few years.

5. A Luxury

Even when a home lift has become more affordable, it is still a luxury. Not most homes have them and they can make your life simpler when it comes to moving between floors. Besides, custom built elevators can be made with unique materials and in designs to match your interior décor. You can choose a wide range of materials including glass shaftways, premium woods, and marble. Thus, an elevator can also be a style statement. Today, there are more than half a dozen types of elevators and you can choose a design and style that can perfectly match your home décor. The options can include stainless steel cubes or tubes, glass walls, brushed nickel finish or wood veneer. You can customize everything from the flooring, to size, to lighting. You can create a style of your choice without having to spend big.

6. Long-Term Benefit

Many homeowners dream of growing old in the same place. An elevator can provide the convenience and comfort you seek today, and the much-needed mobility support that you will need when you age in the future. It will mean that you will not have to move out of your dream home or spend big on an elevator in the future. Thus, there are many benefits to installing an elevator in your home. It is a much more convenient addition to your home compared to the stairs. You can move both passengers and items without putting yourself at any risk. Imagine the surprise on your guests’ faces when they find out that you have an elevator. It can also be a symbol of luxury in an age when it is not too expensive or difficult to have one. Besides, it can add value to your home, helping you recover much more than the cost of installation in the future.