6 Most Awkward Elevator Rides You Hope to Avoid

Whether you ride elevators several times a day, or just hop on board occasionally, nothing is worse than realizing a few floors in you’re with a less than desirable travel companion. Here are six of the most awkward elevator rides you hope to avoid.

1 - Unpleasant Co-workers or Neighbors

Stepping into an elevator where people are clearly enjoying an inappropriate, “you had to be there” conversation can make you experience a high school peer pressure flashback that takes the wind out of your sails. Not only are these people having a good time, but they also make it seem it’s at your expense. Their loud laughs and voices shrink down to evil whispers and giggles that make it clear you’re not welcome. They act like you’re invisible yet still manage to insult you, clearly on purpose.

2 - Boss Encounters of the Third Kind

Many people make an effort to avoid their boss at all costs. The last thing you need is to be stuck in a tiny box with them for several minutes. While you can smile and nod in a crowded elevator, an empty elevator has the two of you mano a mano. You might run into an “Office Space” situation where their gonna go ahead and ask you to work late, or they might just drone on and on displaying the worst aspects of their hateful personality. Either way, you’re cornered and have no choice but to ride it out.

3 - Elevator Smog Alert

We’re all human and have some, shall we say, moments of weakness when that gas just can’t be held in. Now there are two sides to this coin. Either you are the innocent victim, OR you suffer an embarrassing moment when you just can’t keep things under control. At least you can push the button and bail on the next floor.

4 - Involuntary Voyeurism

The dreaded public display of affection is bad enough when it’s just gushy hand-holding and eye to eye love gazing. But if it goes further and you end up with free tickets to this type of display, there’s nowhere to run. The couple that just can’t keep their hands off each other is cause for embarrassment, or out and out disgust depending on how liberal you are. To make matters worse you can’t even push the button to exit at the next floor because their backs are pressed up against the panel. You could gruffly suggest they get a room, but chances are they already have and are on their way there.

5 - Drunks on an Elevator

They slur, they yell, they cry, they fight, they bump into you, they lean on you, they breathe 12 martinis in your face, they hit on you, they (oh please dear god no) barf. Drunks on an elevator, the worst.

6 -  Don’t Stand So Close to Me

You’re on the elevator alone when someone yells “Hold the door.” You smile patiently as you push the door open button, but quickly regret your act of kindness. Standing right beside you, their arm pressed up against yours, they reach for their button, and then don’t move an inch. This person is completely oblivious with no concept of personal space.

While most elevator rides are quick and painless, you’re sure to find yourself in at least one of these awkward situations eventually.