Choosing The Perfect Residential Elevator For A Home

Today residential elevator installation has become quite popular and hence it is quite comm9n to find a residence with one. There are several advantageous factors which influence this decision like there is an increase in the property value, it makes mobility especially in old age very easy and convenient, it makes the house safe for kids, movement of heavy and bulky items becomes easier etc. Another big advantage which has changed the perception of elevators being luxury items to one which is a necessity is the reduction in its cost. Today residential elevators are much more affordable but care must be taken to ensure that the elevator selected is the right fit for the house. The selection of a proper elevator depends on several factors like: Utility of the elevator, Layout of the house,, Space available for the installation of the elevator, Style quotient, Budget etc. There are several different types of elevators to choose from when buying one for the residence. Each one has its own advantages and the final decision depends not only on the above practical factors but also on the preference of the home owner who will ensure its installation. Thus along with the selection of the cable, pneumatic or hydraulic elevator for the home, its aesthetics too have to be taken into account like: Whether the doors should slide open, Whether the lift should have glass doors, Whether swinging doors would look better, Whether the door style should be like a closet door, Whether a rounded glass door would seem more stylish etc. In fact for people having less installation space inside their homes, the pneumatic elevator is the best option. This is because it has a tubular structure; it is sleek and attractive to look at with its all-encompassing glass capsule, it does not require a shaft, it also does not need either a hole at the bottom or a machine room at the top of the building and it is also capable of accommodating wheelchairs should the need ever arise. Hydraulic elevators too are a good option but they require some space for the installation of the reservoir and the hydraulic pump. The hydraulic elevator has a larger passenger capacity and facilitates the entry and exit of wheelchairs smoothly and effortlessly. They are also discreet and generally have the outer appearance of a closet door thereby enabling it to blend in with the décor. Cable elevators also come with similar dimensions and capacity as the hydraulic elevators but unlike it they do not need a machine space. The fact that they can be made to drop from the roof makes for an interesting addition to the décor of the house. In fact the capacity of the cable elevators can be chosen depending on the need and the utility of the residence where it needs to be installed. And this factor also makes it a very appropriate choice even for residential high-rises. Elevators are installed to make life easy for the people staying in the residence but they can only remain functional and safe for use if and when they are maintained properly on a regular basis. Hence care should be taken to look into this aspect also so as to get the most out of the investment made for the residential elevator installed.