How Elevator Moderations Save You Money

Elevators play an important role in any building. Not only do they help transport people to their homes and offices, but they also contribute to the style and architecture of a building. If you are undergoing upgrades or renovations, you might decide to keep your elevators as is as a replacement might seem too costly.

However, there is an alternative to straight up elevator replacement. Elevator modernization is an affordable solution that allows you to make a number of improvements to greatly improve both form and function. Here’s how elevator moderations save you money and why it’s an excellent elevator replacement solution.

What is Elevator Modernization?

Elevator modernization can address a long list of elevator improvements including:

  • Safety Improvements
  • Local code compliance
  • Improved rider experience to increase traffic flow
  • Aesthetic upgrades to match building renovation designs
  • Energy savings and more

If you need an elevator replacement but are limited by budget challenges, elevator modernization is your ideal solution.

What are Common Elevator Modernization Options?

A Calgary elevator repair company can assist in modernizing just about any element of your elevator and its equipment. However, there are three common upgrades that can greatly improve the operation, function, and traffic flow for your elevators:

1. Motor Drive Replacement: New AC digital drives offer many benefits including:

  • Eliminates the need to convert from AC to DC power
  • Impressive energy savings
  • In many cases, regenerative drives can be used to send power back to the building
  • Less heat is generated reducing energy consumption for cooling systems

2. DC Motor Replacement: Converting to an AC motor in hand with drive replacement offers many cost advantages including:

  • Improved power factor correction reduces energy bills
  • Higher operational efficiency to reduce energy use
  • Less heat is generated reducing energy consumption for cooling systems
  • A decrease in BYU loading

3. Smart Controllers: The digital controllers in modern elevators allow building managers to review statistical data and advanced algorithms. The data provides valuable insight to find ways to optimize performance. You can also improve energy efficiency. Activities are scanned 24/7 allowing the system to reassign calls to meet traffic needs throughout the day. As a result, both wait time and energy consumption are reduced.

Reasons to Modernize Your Elevators

If you think your elevators are operating fine, consider these reasons to modernize:

  • Tenant Safety: Elevators built in the 1980s or earlier are missing safety systems features in modern designs. This includes fire service systems, redundancy circuits, locking capabilities and other protection devices that make elevator rides safer. You might not even meet current Calgary safety and fire codes.
  • Ongoing Repairs: While you might think you are saving money by keeping your older model operating with ongoing repairs, it is costing you more money in the end. Not only are older elevators energy hogs, but they also cost a fortune in service calls. In fact, it can even cost you tenants who become frustrated with the constant inconvenience of broken elevators. This eats into your building’s bottom line.  
  • Tenant Satisfaction: As mentioned above, keeping your tenants happy is important to remain profitable. The more tenants you lose due to an outdated building, the harder it becomes to find replacements.

As you can see, despite appearances, your elevators might not be as efficient as you think. If you would like more information on elevator replacement and modernization options, speak to our experts today.