How to Choose the Right Elevator Lift for your Home?

The right elevator lifts in your home can help in improving mobility and accessibility. They can make life easier for the elderly and disabled family members, and also create more comfortable and elegant indoors for you and your visitors. But choosing the right type of residential elevator system can be difficult. This guide will make it easier for you to make the right choice. Curved or Straight Staircase The first thing you want to consider before choosing the lift design is whether you have curved or straight staircase. Straight designs offer you more options. Specially designed, curved lifts are required for curved staircases. This is the case even when the staircase takes a turn before the next floor. They require custom designed tracks which can easily fit into the staircase. Points to Ask Yourself You must consider the following points when choosing the best home elevator lifts for your home: - Whether you are looking for aesthetics or reliability. It is possible to find the perfect balance between the two, but reliability should be the more important factor. - Make sure to consider the experience of the lift installation company. - Consider the lifespan of each type of elevator system that is available in the market. Your installation company should help you make the right choice. - Find out the number of years the warranty covers different systems. - Does the salesperson presenting the elevator build any trust value or not? Distance It is also important to consider the distance that the elevator system needs to cover. This is going to play a crucial role in the choice of the right elevator. Hydraulic elevators may be the old type but they can travel the most distance. This is the reason they continue to be used in the tallest buildings. On the other hand, vacuum elevator lifts are designed for maximum of 4 storeys. Smaller platform lifts are designed for travelling up to only 8 feet. Location of Elevator Hoistway This is also an important factor in the choice of the right elevator for your home. Outdoor installation is considered the easiest. It does not require you to move the plumbing, ductwork and electrical work to accommodate the new elevator. It will cause minimal amount of disruption. An outdoor shaft doesn't necessarily mean that you have to go out to use the lift. Access is made possible with a door that goes through the wall and connects to the elevator. An outdoor elevator provides more clearance, space, and pit depth. This gives you more options with the choice of elevator as there is no limitation on space. It is also not required to replace the existing staircase. There is a clear advantage to having an indoor staircase and an outdoor elevator system. It will help enhance your home’s value and salability. Staircases are still considered easy and fast way to move between floors, but elevators add lots of convenience. So consider all these factors when choosing the right elevator lifts for your home.