How to Keep your Elevator Lift in its Peak Form?

An increasing number of homeowners are installing residential lift in their homes for the convenience they offer. Many homeowners install wheelchair lifts which are specifically beneficial for their disabled or elderly family members. Once you have decided of install such a system in your home, keep in mind that they will require regular maintenance and repair. Here are the most important maintenance tips to help you with. Maintenance Tips for your Residential Elevators Follow these maintenance tips to keep your elevators working effectively: - Maintain the temperature around the elevator at nominal levels. The standard temperatures of operation are 15-32 degree Celsius. - Make sure to check the elevators everyday for any mechanical or physical damage. - Always keep the area around the lift clean and clear of any debris that could hinder the operation of the lift. Even small amount of dirt and dust can buildup in the long term. - The cab lights need to be regularly maintained and replaced because they are not included in the maintenance contract. - If the buttons get stuck, you should not try to repair them using tools. Rather, it will be best to call your elevator company. Use only recommended cleaning products on the buttons. - When it comes to painting the door frames, care should be taken. Paint can get stuck in places and prevent the proper working of the lifts. It is recommended to have someone experienced in lift painting to get the job. It is recommended to change the elevator finish only after consulting with the contractor. - Always maintain a written record of all the problems. This will make it easier to explain the issues to the technicians. - Have fire safety tests conducted regularly.Make sure to check the elevators everyday for any mechanical or physical damage. Types of Models Make sure that your elevator is serviced on a regular basis. Remember that different types of elevators require different amount of frequency for maintenance. The contractor can provide you with the right maintenance tips depending on the type of machine you have. Different types will also need different parts replacements from time to time. The amount of upkeep required can vary depending on the number and types of parts an elevator has. It will mostly depend on the drive system. For example, hydraulic elevators need more maintenance requirements than other types. The hydraulic fluid will also need to be changed on a regular basis. Besides, they will also need to be checked more often because they have many moving parts. Pneumatic elevators however don't require as much upkeep. They are based on vacuum and require minimal amount of maintenance. Whenever you need to have any changes to the structure or want to change the use of the lift, you should get it checked by your contractor. So consider all these points when taking care of your elevator lift. It is essential to maintain the system in its peak form. This is important not only for the smooth operation of the lift, but also for your family’s safety.