Is a Home Elevator Right for You?

A residential elevator can improve a homeowner’s quality of life and ease the demands of their lifestyle. Over time, the footprint for a home elevator has decreased.  The technology has improved enough that the overall cost has decreased.  That gives more homeowners the realistic option of installing an elevator or including one in the design of their new home.

One of the most compelling reasons for choosing to include an elevator in the home is that it increases the value of the residence.  If you choose to sell, homebuyers tend to gravitate to houses that have an elevator already installed.  Their reasons could vary.  Perhaps they are looking at the convenience.  Or they could be looking toward the future and planning ahead to “Age in Place”.    

Installing a home elevator supports “Ageing in Place”.   This concept has become increasingly popular with the Baby Boomer generation in their retirement.   Ageing in Place refers to remain and reside in your own home, independently, for as long as you are able.  In fact, one report indicates that 87% of seniors would prefer to remain as such. There are numerous ways to make your home accommodating to the needs of growing older.  One of the biggest stumbling blocks is often stairs. Some seniors opt to sell their multi-level homes and purchase a bungalow with no up and down obstacles.  However, that kind of negates the whole concept of Ageing in Place. Yes, they get to live in their own home, but it isn’t really their home, the one with all the memories. The cost of purchasing an elevator is substantially less than buying a new home, not to mention the cost of packing and moving.

One of the most obvious reasons for considering a home elevator is mobility, regardless whether the homeowner is planning to Age in Place.  Sometimes it is just a necessity for an individual with limited maneuverability or someone who is attached to a wheelchair.   If the home is a multi-level residence, running up and down the stairs and moving large, bulky items can be tiring for anyone.  An elevator adds to using the home conveniently. What a treat to move laundry between floors without having to lug bulky hampers or baskets of clean clothes.  A home elevator can be an enjoyable enhancement for just day to day living.

Surprisingly, a home elevator takes up less space than a standard stairwell.  That opens up a house and increases the useable square footage.  This also adds to resale value.  Elevators can be installed flush to the wall on the exterior of the home. Or they can be built in a way to open up space that was unused or unavailable. Just as design comes in a variety of choices, so does the power mechanism.  There are pneumatic, cable, hydraulic and vacuum options.

An elevator can provide both safety and security. It is common knowledge that falling down the stairs is one of the biggest reasons for home injuries.  It is not just individuals who are older or have mobility issues, children and adults have accidents  – not to mention the puppy slipping and sliding down the stairs.  A residential elevator can avert these nasty and painful tumbles.  An elevator can also be used to increase security by securing it against unauthorized use, especially if the elevator is included as part of a security package.

Installing an elevator can add sophistication and style to a residence.  There are a considerable number of elevator styles to choose from.   There are a variety of designs that will fit into any décor and suit the taste of any homeowner. There are sleek futuristic pneumatic tubes, lustrous cubes with stainless steel frames and polished glass walls, or classic looks with wood veneer and brushed nickel accents.  Residential elevators have always been a symbol of luxury, and that is still true in our modern world. However, the cost of parts and installation has gone down, so more people can afford one. So, now it’s  not a question of can you? The question now, “Is a home elevator the right choice for me?”

If you are not sure yet, but would like to explore the options available and review the financials involved, feel free to contact Calgary’s Ascension Elevators.  This month, we are offering free plans and proposals.  Contact us at 587-978-7136 or email at Any of our specialists will book a time to discuss your requirements and desires.  We will present design options, explain the power mechanisms and propose a project plan from installation to follow up maintenance packages.