Latest Design Trends for Residential Lifts

A residential lift is a great practical installation in your home. It can also become an important part of your home’s décor because modern lifts are available in a wide range of designs. As the popularity of home lifts increase, new designs are being constantly introduced in the market. Explore some of the latest trends in this regard and you may find just the right style for your home. Bold Statement Meets Greenery Combination of bold colors and greenery is a new design trend for home lifts. It is not just greenery, but the emphasis is on blending brightness and colors from the environment. This trend is bringing together the love for nature with other elements such as technology and a drive towards more youthful looks. The trend is also extending into other areas in homes, including bedrooms and living rooms. Some of the other colors which are being preferred include bright blues, reds, and purples. Inspiration from Nature It is well known that you can never go wrong with design inspirations from nature. It is not just the vivid colors and elements that are being embraced for home lift designs. Light, natural tones and soft and warm darker tones are also gaining more and more popularity. Many new residential lifts now make use of glass to reflect light from the outdoors and incorporate outdoor greenery. This is an innovative way to light up the space and add a touch of nature. And then rustic wooden tones are also making their way into homes. Modern lift designs can also be seen making use of paneling to combine the best of soft and bold elements. Metallic Accents The metallic accents trend has gained more and more popularity in interior design. It has also caught up with residential lifts. You can now see more home lifts featuring gold, silver, brass, rose gold, and bronze. And then there is a growing interest in fresher metallic accents such as polished silver and nickel. A modular or industrial touch is preferred by more homeowners, allowing home interiors to stand out. But the metallic element doesn’t deviate much from its classic appeal in a more modular design setting. Minimalist Statement Speaking of classic elegance, a minimalist design has a timeless appeal to it. This design trend has a clean appeal to it. And it is not much different from a genuinely modern design where neutral colors are used and a more open and spacious feel is created. Different design trends may come and go in residential lifts, but the minimalist design is always going to stay here. This design trend is the very opposite of the bright and bold trend, and it is expected to becoming bigger in the near future. This style can be embraced for both the interior design and the lift to create a timeless appeal. As the popularity of residential lifts continues to increase, homeowners and installers are experimenting with both modern and classic designs. As lifts occupy a significant space in your home, you simply cannot leave them out of the interior décor.