Planning for your future in your forever home

If you are a builder or home owner and are thinking about possibly needing or wanting an elevator in your future home, now would be the time to take the appropriate steps. There are many ways to utilize the shaft way space in your new home, currently without having the physical elevator installed until you are ready for it. You can choose to have the space utilized as an office or extra closet/storage space for your current living situation and when the time comes that you require or want your elevator, it makes it much easier to just remove the floors of these spaces and your elevator shaft is ready to go. The support wall, pit and electrical details will all be in place, making it much simpler, cheaper, and less intrusive for your elevator technician to come in and install their product. So if you think an elevator might be something that could be useful in the future, take the proper steps now to make this process easier and more cost efficient for all the parties involved, as well as making sure your house can be used as your forever home no matter what obstacles arise. Contact us today to learn more about the steps required in preparing your house for an elevator in the future.