Tips for Designing Your Custom Home Elevator

An elevator is a part of your home and can be customized just like a room based on your preferences. When you install a new elevator or upgrade the existing elevator, it is not just about functionality. Today, you can have custom built lifts that complement your home’s décor while also serving your custom requirements. These tips will provide you with valuable insights into having your elevator installation company design a customized residential lift. Better Coordination When it comes to a custom designed elevator, it is important that you clearly communicate your requirements to your elevator installation company. It will require more frequent meetings and discussions before creating the plan. Whether it is a new installation or replacing the existing elevator, proper coordination is important for avoiding costly mistakes and preventing delays. Remember that installing a custom home elevator can be as interesting as it is complicated. Elevator Décor Tips Your custom built home elevator should essentially match the décor of your home. In recent years there have been many inventions in the industry to help lower the cost of designing and installing residential lifts. The following tips should help you in this regard:
  • Cabin Materials: Elevator cabins are made out of a wide range of materials. Choose from materials like maple, red or white oak, mahogany, cherry, alder, walnut, or birch. Then you can determine what panel styles you would want. These different woods can be finished to help you personalize the cabin into the existing home décor. The other materials options, most of which can be used in combination include stainless steel, wire mesh, mirrors, glass, and vinyl laminate.
  • Stylish & Safe Elevator Gates: Elevator gates and doors are important from both the perspective of aesthetics and safety. The different options include swingdoors and collapsible gates. You can choose gates made of stainless steel, brass, and steel and have them powder-coated with the desired finish.
  • Elevator Ceiling: There is so much that you can do with your elevator’s ceiling. Usually, you would want to match the ceiling with the panel style. But a ceiling made of mirrors or glass can have a stunning effect. Some of the other options include painted murals and tile.
  • Elevator Floors: The flooring can also be customized with the right choice of material. Some of the innovative material options include carpet, rugs, and hardwood. Other alternatives include ceramic tiles and vinyl.
There are many other design ideas for a custom builder elevator. In fact, the options for are simply endless. Getting professional help from an experienced elevator installation company can allow you to explore all the different options. Choosing the Right Elevator Installation Service When it comes to custom build elevators, it is important to choose the right installation company. Not every company has expertise in custom designing home elevators. Evaluate a service provider based on the following tips:
  • Customizing Standard Lifts: Do they have experience in matching client’s material, color, and other décor requirements? Can they make modifications to address specific environments and needs? Can they develop specialized controls based on your requirements?
  • Design Support: They should have experience in working with clients to find design solutions.
  • Custom Design Build: The right company will be able to develop lift features for specific applications. They can design custom lifts and non-standard products when there is space limitation.
So if you want to have a custom designed home elevator, these tips are going to provide you valuable insights. From finding the right installation company to ensuring proper coordination to décor tips, it is important to address each point to ensure that you have the perfect lift that addresses your needs and looks elegant.