Understand to avoid the common problems associated with elevators

If you ignore the maintenance of the elevator then you are sure to experience quite a lot of problems. From increase in the wait time to high energy bills, elevator may turn out to be a financial burden rather than a convenient accessory. The repair expenses associated with elevator are always very high as their spare parts are very expensive. When there are frequent issues with the elevator you can either repair or replace it. There are some technical problems which cannot be addressed by the service personnel too and so you may have to think about replacement of the elevators. However, few of the issues are very easy to be rectified by the trained service person. If you have an elevator in your building then you must understand the causes and solution for some of the common problems with the elevator that can crop up at any time. Long wait time and slow speed The most dreadful thing is to wait for long time in front of the elevator. If the wait time is too long then the occupants of the building may lose their temper and the accessory as such loses its significance. It is important to check on such aspects and not ignore such safety warning signs. Similarly, note down the speed of the elevator to ensure that there is no change in the same. Wait times tend to get longer as the elevator gets older and frequent usage causes pressure on the parts. Also, malfunction of the relay can be yet another reason for slow operation of the elevator. You can think of replacing the mechanical relay system with a new and more sophisticated system which will improve the wait time. There are many advanced microprocessor supported relay system that can help in improving the speed and wait time drastically. However, replacement of the relay system is an expensive affair and has to be done one day or the other if your elevator is more than 15 years old. Heating issues The drive and the control system often bear the brunt of extreme heat while the elevator is operated frequently. Such equipment is usually placed in the rooftops of the buildings where a penthouse is constructed for the same. The direct impact of the extreme climate again adds on to the heating of the drive and control systems. Overheating can be a major reason for breakdown of the elevator. To reduce this you may provide ventilation for free air flow. But this again causes other issues of dust and dirt getting accumulated on to the equipment making it difficult for smooth running. This issue can be solved by installing a cooling system for the room in which the equipment is placed. The temperature must be maintained as per the specification given by the manufacturer. Ensure that the room is well sealed such that the dust and dirt is not entering the equipment room at any cause. Energy consumption If you have an old elevator then you must be aware of the fact that elevators do consume lot of energy. Your power bills will start sky rocketing when the frequency of the use of elevator increases. A simple solution to this problem would be to replace your old drive with the new energy efficient systems. You can save as much as 70% of the energy. Breakdowns The daily wear and tear may take the toll on the condition of the old elevator. It is time to upgrade the system in all respects. Doors can be replaced with modern sensor system and so on can be done to upgrade the system if not replace.