What’s My Ride? – Residential Elevators

It becomes an issue to stay in your own home when mobility becomes more of a struggle on a day to day basis. But, we are fortunate that there are safe options available to us in the market place. What to choose?   There are specific components to consider when deciding what mobility option may be best for your situation. What is the mobility of the user? What is the residence like in size, in age, and in what kind of zone? Don't forget, any professionals would be more than happy to discuss the options available.  The team at Ascension Elevators would be happy to demonstrate what options are out in the marketplace.


A stairlift, or chairlift, is a little unit that attaches to stairs already in a home,  The motorized chair lifts a person upstairs or down while the person remains sitting on the attached chair.  The Stairlift is the most affordable of the options available and is the easiest to install and to operate. They can be installed on practically any staircase, including one that is curved.  However, a Stairlift for a curved staircase may be more difficult to install and take a little longer to order.  The turn around time would still be short.

A Stairlift is attached to an existing staircase, regardless of height or width, even indoor or outdoor. No work is required on the structure of the home. Easy peasy.  All that is needed is a power outlet for it to work. However, the user must have enough mobility to get herself in and out with little or no assistance.  She needs to be able to buckle herself in and operate the controls, whether they are manual, automatic or handheld.

Platform Lift

A Platform lift is a platform that also moves along a rail that's attached to your stairs.  The Platform lift can be installed on any shape of stairs just as the Stairlift can; however, the stairs need to be wide enough to accommodate the platform.  When not in use, it does fold up to make sure the stairs can be used by all.  It can transport someone in a wheelchair, someone standing or someone using a little fold-down bench that is installed on the inside of the platform. An added bonus to the Platform lift is its ability to carry heavy cargo.  You can transport groceries, laundry or any other heavy items that might need to be moved between floors. Similar to the Stairlift, the Platform lift just needs a power outlet to work. One thing to point out is the Platform lift is it is not inconspicuous like the Stairlift and the Residential Elevator.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Home Elevator

Of course, the alternate choice of the above options is the home elevator.  This works regardless of yours or your loved one's mobility issues.  A home elevator will easily transport a wheelchair, perhaps even two.  Some families install an elevator planning ahead, using them now as a convenience with the possibility of needing it in the future.  Home elevators come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes. Some are powered pneumatically, hydraulicly or by vacuum or cable.  There are several design types you can choose for a residential elevator. You can have a cab type that is behind a door that matches all the other doors in your home. Or you can choose a sliding door. Some elevators have a real modern edge, one that is like a transparent tube going through floors.  Elevators also have the advantage of reaching multiple storeys.  Stairlifts and Platform Lifts are limited to the location of the stairs and how far they go up.   

What's the Verdict?

Overall, the decision will be based on the need of the user.  Are they mobile enough to use a Stairlift? Are they wheelchair-bound so that a Platform lift or home elevator is the best choice?  If cost is a consideration, the Stairlift is the most economical with the Residential Elevator being the more expensive.  However, the elevator adds value to your home; it adds equity.  Can your home structurally accommodate a home elevator?  Are your stairs wide enough for a Platform lift?  There are so many considerations that it's best to get advice from a professional.  The experts at Ascension Elevators would be pleased to guide you through the process of choosing the right option for your needs.  Contact Ascension Elevators to book a maintenance visit.  In Calgary and area, call 587-885-2319 or email us at info@ascesionelevators.com.  Check out our website at www.ascensionelevator.com or make an appointment to stop by the showroom at #5 4315 64 Ave. SE Calgary, AB