Why is Regular Elevator Maintenance so Important?

Hoist ropes are the quickest to break down in traction elevators. When it comes to hydraulic elevators, it is the underground pipe and cylinders that break down the fastest. The travel cable can deteriorate over the years and need to be replaced after around 15 years. Both the wire ropes and travel cables need to flex during operation and this causes wear. There are many reasons why your elevator needs regular maintenance. This guide introduces the main reasons why you cannot take periodic maintenance for granted. Safety The most important function of home elevators is to safely move you between floors. Any kind of issue with the elevator puts your safety at risk. So you cannot afford to take regular maintenance for granted. Even the tiniest of problems can be potentially hazardous. So make sure that your elevator company conducts preventative maintenance on a periodic basis. Meeting Regulatory Requirements If you don’t maintain your elevator, any issues or failure can mean that you are not meeting the regulatory requirements. It is worth taking a look at the commercial sector where lift failures are common when there is no regular maintenance. Regular maintenance not only helps you ensure your family’s safety, it also allows you to meet the regulations. In many jurisdictions, elevators undergo inspections every year. Failure to maintain your lift can mean that it can fail inspection. It also helps ensure that the elevator machine room meets the code. One aspect of regular maintenance is to check the machine room for its functioning. It should be self-closing and be lockable so that only authorized people can access it. Costs Savings If you don’t maintain your home elevator, it can mean expensive and complex repairs in the future. The absence of regular maintenance means that the systems are going to fail or there could be major damage. Preventative and corrective maintenance helps you save on big expenses in different ways:
  • Identifying worn-out parts
  • Repair small issues before they turn into major problems
  • Identify issues that can mean failure to meet compliance requirements
So when your elevator is maintained regularly, you will have peace of mind that your family is safe when they use it. It also means that you will not have to meet any huge expenses if the lift fails. Last Longer Regular maintenance also means that your lift is going to last longer and work reliably. It is best to have a planned and proactive approach to lift maintenance than relying on a reactive approach. When worn out components are replaced and issues are fixed before they become major concerns, it increases the lifespan of your lift. If the elevator stays out of service it can also disrupt normal functioning and be a big inconvenience to your family. In Working Order Another important benefit of regular maintenance is that it helps ensure that the lift is in excellent working order. When the technicians check your lift regularly, they can identify any problems. This can include:
  • Presence of water or moisture in the elevator’s pit
  • Any accumulation of debris on the car top
  • Any non-working lights
  • Door reversal system may not be working properly
  • Problems with emergency lights
  • Problems with the fire recall service
  • Loss of door restrictor
When you get regular checks on your elevator, it helps you identify your problem spots. You will already have knowledge of areas where you are likely to face issues in terms of repair. This will also help you become ready to fix such problems. Improperly working unit doors are the most common reasons for maintenance calls. So you can take preventative measures to prevent this issue from occurring. For example, your maintenance service can fix a closed loop door operator that keeps a check on the speed of the door’s movement. Need for Proactive Maintenance Thus, there are many reasons to follow a proactive maintenance approach. Safety is the most important benefit, but when you stay on top of the potential elevator issues it also helps prevent costly repairs. While addressing this point, it is equally important to evaluate the need for modernization and upgrade from time to time. Upgrades to your elevator can also help address your safety and cost-saving concerns. Your elevator installation company can provide you with many options for maintenance. The installation contract is going to cover the options for the type and frequency of maintenance cover provided. So choose an option that offers preventative maintenance cover for your elevator.