Why Stiltz Lifts Make Perfect Addition to Your Home?

If you are considering installing a home lift, there are many reasons for considering a compact Stiltz lift. Compact in design, these through-floor lifts also save you money as they don’t need structural fixing or major works. You can have them installed anywhere. These lifts have standards features and also allow you to create custom design and features to address your specific needs. What makes Stiltz Lifts Special? Stiltz Lifts are compact, elegant and reliable and offer a wide range of options and customizations. Their compact design allows them to be fit into almost any space, no matter how small or big your home is. It doesn’t require expensive and complex designs like building a shaft way. This type of lift can also work on the standard electric power in your home. Some of the main benefits of choosing this type of lift in your home are as follows: Convenient & Functional Design These home elevators have convenient and functional design. The lift can be installed anywhere in your home and adds value to it. You can choose from a wide range of color and style options that can add to any existing décor. A standard design can accommodate 2 people, travels silently and smoothly, and also consumes small amount of energy. Saves Space Compact design is one of the biggest advantages of installing Stiltz home lifts. The ideal locations for installing it include hallway, landing, entertaining area, or master suite. Available in module sections, it is also easier and faster to install. You can install it at the center of your turning staircase or have it hidden in your closet. Wherever you want to install this type of lift, it is going to save valuable space in your home. Easier & Quick Installation A Stiltz lift can take not more than a day to install it. The installation process is not just quick, it is also a simple process that doesn’t interfere with your daily chores. The only major work it needs is to create a small hole through the ceiling to allow the lift to travel between floors. On the other hand, other types of elevators mostly require breaking down walls, shifting radiators and moving pipes. This type of home lift has a self-supporting design and doesn’t involve any kind of major building work. Affordable Home Elevator The simplicity of its design makes this type of home lift much more affordable than other alternatives. Whether you are going to live in the house for decades or plan on shifting after some time, these compact and simple lifts make a sound economic choice. If you need to install a home elevator due to mobility issues, there is no need to move to a smaller home. This type of home lift is affordable and outweighs the benefits of moving to a smaller house. Thus, there are many benefits of installing a Stiltz lift in your home. It is affordable, elegant, functional, and compact. Some designs can also be used to accommodate a wheelchair. You can have them installed anywhere and also choose whether to have them hidden or set in full view, adding to your home’s décor.