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Ascension Elevators Provides Home and Commercial Lifts across Alberta

No one elevator will meet everyone’s needs. That’s why Ascension offers a range of residential and commercial elevators to suit your unique individual needs! After all, your elevator should perfectly match your lifestyle and the design of your home. Style and function – that’s what you receive with our products. Beyond our passion for providing the best residential elevator products, we’re passionate about enhancing our products with exceptional customer service. If you’re not sure what elevator is right for you, that’s why we’re here! We love any opportunity to help you discover the best fit for your home and are happy to pass along our industry knowledge to you. Ready to find your fit? Share what you’re looking for. Contact us today!

Residential Elevator Packages

Vertech Packages

Vertech home elevator packages Calgary
Vertech, the leading manufacturer in residential elevators, is dedicated to continuous improvement in technology and design to give individuals access to their homes again. Their roped hydraulic elevators were designed as an MRL (Machine Room Less) systems that don’t take up extra space to accommodate the controller and drive system. Vertech Elevators Calgary Edmonton elevator sales and maintenance

Federal's Renaissance Elevators

Federal Renaissance-residential elevators Calgary Alberta
Known for its high-quality elevators, Federal has a longstanding history as an elevator manufacturer. Their Renaissance elevator is perfect for homes as this cable hydraulic elevator is tested before it leaves the manufacturer, ensuring you receive a reliable elevator of superior performance. Federal elevators Calgary Edmonton residential

Niagara Belco Elevators

Niagra Belco home-elevators Calgary Alberta
With their Victorian luxury home elevator, Niagara Belco’s mission is to provide you with the highest-quality elevators on the market at a competitive price. With our expert advice, we will help you achieve your elevator project’s goals. Niagra Belco Elevator sales installation maintenance Alberta


AmeriGlide Pro Dumbwaiter

dumbwaiter sales installation Calgary AlbertaWhen you want reliability and simplicity, you choose a AmeriGlide Pro dumbwaiters. Instead of a complex pulley system, AmeriGlide Pro incorporates an entire drive system on the underside of the car, offering quick installation and superb performance so you can enjoy full access to your home.  Ameriglide dumbwaiters Calgary

Shaftless Lifts

Stiltz Home Lift

Stiltz lifts Calgary residential elevator companyOffering both freedom and flexibility, Stiltz home lifts are uniquely reliant on rails rather than walls, so your home elevator can go almost anywhere within your home! This innovative and sleek lift is the answer for long-term accessible living. Stiltz Elevators Calgary Edmonton elevator sales and repair

Commercial Handicap Lifts

carelift wheel chair elevator CalgarySmooth, reliable accessibility comes with the territory when you choose a Care-Lift wheelchair lift, manufactured by Federal. This commercial elevator is the perfect solution for multilevel buildings, with premium features and dependable function for years to come.

Atlas VPL

Altas VPL commercial handicap lift CalgarySeamlessly enter and exit your home on a Atlas Vertical Platform Lift. This lift is an automatic self-lowering ramp with an ACME screw drive train, built to withstand all weather conditions. Gone are the days of frustration. Here to stay is your freedom, no matter the weather.