Ascension’s Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has questions! We understand that residential elevators may not be your specialty – it can be a tricky business! So, we want to make sure we answer all your questions. It’s about being dedicated to sharing our extensive knowledge so you can make the best choice to enjoy your whole home again. Below are a few of our more frequently asked questions to start answering some of your.


Why should we choose to work with Ascension Elevators?

Unlike other elevator companies, Ascension’s prime focus is on the residential elevator market. With extensive knowledge and a wide line of products, Ascension is guaranteed to find the right product for your needs and have it installed or serviced in a safe and timely manner.

People put elevators into their homes?

What was once thought as an uncommon luxury item, home elevators are becoming more and more common in new construction homes as well as being easier to equip into clients existing home.

I think I might need an elevator in the future but not now what can I do?

If you are planning on building a home, you can always spec an elevator shaft into your drawings and leave it empty until you are ready to have an elevator installed at a later date. Many clients and builders will utilize the shaftway as closet space, which makes adding an elevator much easier and cheaper in the future.

What is the typical power requirement for a home elevator?

A typical residential elevator requires power that is 30 amp 220V & 15 amp 115V, depending on the type of elevator. Prior to deciding on an elevator, Ascension will guide you through the specific power requirements for your home and product.

How much size does your typical elevator take up?

There are many options to choose from when it comes to elevators, depending on how much space you have in your home. Standard sizes start from 55 in × 54 in and are supplied in a variety of styles to suit your build. That said, we also have elevators that freestanding, so they don’t even need to be against a wall, allowing you to find the perfect space for your elevator installation.

What does MRL mean?

Good question! MRL simply stands for Machine Room Less – meaning that the controller and drive system that is required for most residential elevators is stored within the elevator shaft, rather than a separate room. At Ascension, we only carry the true MRL Home Elevators.

Does the elevator have a phone?

We don’t recommend having hour long-conversations on it, but yes, all our residential elevators come standard with a phone integrated into the C.O.P (car operating panel) or a separate phone box to ensure safety and comfort within your home elevator.

Is there anything to save us in the event of a power outage?

Absolutely! The last thing we want is for you to be caught on your elevator due to a power outage. This is why we only provide elevators that come factory-equipped with backup battery lowering devices, among many other safety features offered throughout our home elevator packages.

Are your residential elevators safe?

Residential Elevators are extremely safe and have multiple devices to ensure your safety. For example, our elevators have an emergency alarm and stop buttons built in, so you’re never in a situation where you’re stuck. Your accessibility and safety is our first priority – contact us if you have any questions about safety.

What are the benefits?

Though we usually think home elevators are simply to increase accessibility and freedom throughout your home, it also increases your home value! Not to mention, they make quite the impression on guests. Of course, each individual elevator comes with its own benefits, so check out our product selection to see which elevator best suits you!

Is there a warranty for the product and installation?

We would never dream of not having one. All our products are backed with industry-leading warranty on a variety of product lines. That, in combination with our passion for a superior customer experience, ensures that your home elevator will be a long-lasting addition to your home.

How much maintenance do they require?

We recommend your residential elevator be maintained at least twice a year unless under heavy use, in which case we recommend quarterly. To learn more about what type of maintenance we recommend, visit our services page.

Do you provide maintenance?

Of course! We have multiple maintenance packages available and are happy to maintain your home elevator, even if we didn’t install it. One of the surest ways we look to improve your customer experience is by providing superior, yet cost-effective maintenance packages.

Have another question in mind?

We’re here to help. Simply send us your details and questions and we’ll be sure to be in contact ASAP!