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Federal's Renaissance Elevator Packages

When you need convenience and luxury in your home, that is exactly what you should get. With Federal's Renaissance residential elevator, luxury convenience is what you experience. With superior quality, functionality and premium designs, your elevator will blend into your home's style, while ensuring you have full access to your home.

Experience luxury on all levels

Your individual needs and home's design is specific to you. Federal Elevators know this and designed their innovations to be customized to suit both the decor and layout of your home. Of course, you'll also enjoy customizing the finer details, such as speed level, finishes, and configurations.

When you install Federal's Renaissance elevator, you're installing more than an elevator. You're installing:

  • Freedom of movement,
  • Complementary decor for your style,
  • Confidence in a quality product,
  • Peace of mind with safety features designed for you, and
  • Long-lasting performance in your investment.

Quality assurance is of top priority to Ascension - after all, you deserve assured quality. With Federal, this is what you get as every elevator is control tested before it leaves manufacturing. This measure is always taken to guarantee that your elevator is in complete working order and built to withstand years of use.

If comfort, convenience, and luxury movement is what you're after, then contact us today for a complimentary quote!


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