Niagara Belco Home Elevators

Thank you for considering Niagara Belco for your next project. Our mission is to provide you with the highest-quality elevators on the market at a competitive price. With our expert advice, we will help you achieve your project’s goals. Even if you are only thinking of the viability of having an elevator in your home, public area or place of business, use this guide to help you design your future project. Whether it’s a new installation or retrofitting, the Victorian into an existing home, The process can be quite simple and straight forward.. Niagara Belco manufactures and installs hundreds of elevators across North America. Whether you need elevators or any of our mobility and accessibility products, Niagara Belco has the resources and know-how to help you with any sized project.

Live in comfort at home

Niagra Belco home elevators Calgary Edmonton AlbertaThe Victorian is equipped with a hydraulic cable system that offers a smooth and comfortable run. With its wide range of cab styles and designs the Victorian uses quality material, wood finishes, and fixtures. Cabs can be custom-built with precision and beauty by our experienced craftsmen here in North America. Each step in the design process is guided by your choice of wood species, handrails, light fixtures, gates, and finishes. The Victorian door system allows for flexibility in your home. The convenience of our sliding door system on the elevator car, and automatic or manually operated swing doors on the landings preserve your design elements and privacy, while maintaining the maximum use of your home. Whether you’re building your dream home or simply want to enjoy the freedom to access all levels of your present home, we have the elevator that will fit your lifestyle. If comfort, convenience, and luxury movement is what you’re after, then contact us today for a complimentary quote!   Niagara Belco Home Elevators Calgary Edmonton VICTORIAN Luxury Home Elevator Guide