Stiltz Home Lift – Residential Elevators

Fit your elevator to your home, not the other way around! The Ascension Elevators team doesn’t want you to be stuck with an elevator that isn’t exactly right for your life and your home, which is why the Stiltz Home Lift is a product we love offering! The lift’s thoughtful design allows easy integration into your home, without taking up extra space or adding an eyesore to your decor.

It's an easy fit for this easy lift

Stiltz Home Lift residential elevators Calgary AlbertaForget what you thought you knew about residential elevators and consider the Stiltz Home Lift’s twin rail system. Without the need for a supporting wall, this lift can go just about anywhere in your home, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality. A compact and affordable option, your Atlas VPL fits easily into your life by:
  • Providing you control of your lift experience with hold-to-run controls,
  • Offering versatile applications for flexibility in installation,
  • Being a cost-effective and visually appealing alternative than a stairlift, and
  • Adding affordable installation without the costs of building a shaft.
Take advantage of that extra space in a stairwell, closet, or garage and gain complete mobility again with a Stiltz home wheelchair lift! Curious about how this product works? We’d be happy to share details. Contact us today for more details. Stiltz Home Lift CalgaryStep Inside a Stiltz Homelift Brochure Stiltz – Duo Alta BrochureStiltz – Duo Alta Brochure Stiltz 12page Brochure Stiltz 12 Page Brochure