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How to Keep Your Home Elevator Safe and Operational

How to Keep Your Home Elevator Safe and Operational

Posted By Alberta_Elevators

When you invest in a home elevator, you are installing a major piece of machinery in your house. As with anything mechanical, it’s important to understand the basics that keep your home elevator safe and operational. Here we review the basics of home elevator safety and maintenance so you are ready to solve issues should they arise. Safety First Let’s start with safety, as you want to ensure you avoid accidents when using or maintaining your home elevator: Make sure you know your elevator’s weight limit, so you avoid dangerous overloads When riding the elevator keep all limbs and anything you are carrying with you at least 5 CMs from the cab gate and walls Keep the landing doors closed when the elevator is not in use If you are encountering issues with the car gate or landing door locking system don’t use the elevator and don’t try to bypass or...

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