Custom Cabs

Home owners are usually pickier about the designs of fixtures they install in their home. They want a residential home elevator that would suit their design aesthetic and make their home shine. Today, your choice isn’t limited to mundane steel cabs. You can design the elevators to any specifications possible. Our experts will sit down with you and understand your design specifications. We have people who can help you make the decision regarding design. We also plan the elevator cabs to fit into your home. This would ensure that your lift doesn’t look out of place and ugly. We offer different kinds of cabs, including wrought iron, observation, wood-finish, etc, residential elevators in Calgary. Whether you want a sleek, modern looking lift or a very rustic, wood-finish machine, we can design and install it. So if you want your elevator to stand out, you can give us a call at Ascension Elevators. We’ll make sure that your get the best product.