Eco Friendly Traction Units

Elevators can consume a lot of energy and haven’t been eco-friendly until recently. With increasing demands for more energy-efficient systems, leading manufactures are producing elevators that are eco-friendly and can save money on energy bills. Such elevators are a great option for residential and small commercial applications. Studies have shown that traction elevators are the best eco-friendly residential elevator option available in the market today. These elevators are about 75% more energy efficient than hydraulic elevators. As they use small motors, counterweights, and cables, they’re a more eco-friendly design. Even the introduction of steel belts instead of steel cables is an eco-friendly step as belts don’t need to be lubricated and don’t cause much friction. Traction home elevators also reuse the energy due to regenerative drive systems. The additional energy produced is recaptured and utilized to power the lifts. The MRL elevators are also a very good eco-friendly option for residence owners.