Vertech Home Elevators

Imagine what an elevator that takes up less space in your home while also adding style and function could do for you. For customers looking for a lift that adds beauty, without removing space, Ascension relies on Vertech Elevators to meet your needs. Enter the Vertech Veu! The design of Vertech residential elevators reduces the space required for your elevator, thanks to the Machine Room Less (MRL) design. This innovative elevator is energy-efficient thanks to energy-efficient lights within the unit and will not utilize power when sitting idle. Bring innovative technology and stylish designs to your home


Vertech home-elevator packages Calgary EdmontonInstalling a home elevator should not mean the sacrificing of your living space. Vertech’s innovative technology allows the residential elevator controller and drive system to be housed within the elevator shaft, rather than utilizing other space within your home. What can you expect from a Vertech residential elevator?

  • Convenience and freedom within your home,
  • More space in your home (hello, MRL!),
  • Reliability in a world-class product,
  • Customizable features like such as manual accordion gate or fully-automatic sliding doors,
  • Stylish finishes to perfectly match your home decor, and
  • Less impact on your home energy consumption!
  • This Canadian-made elevator is a compact option, offering less impact on both your home and the environment. Ready to enjoy your whole home again? Contact us for a complimentary quote!

Vertech Hoist Way Spec Sheets